ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY AND THE PROGRESSIVIST FALLACY.  Ancient technology, such as the Antikythera Mechanism -- a 2000-year-old analog computer -- shows that ancient man was not primitive.

BAD SCIENCE: EVOLUTIONARY WISDOM VS. HISTORICAL REALITY.  Before he died, Darwin abandoned his famous claim that natural selection could cause evolution; Charles Lyell promoted geological evolution in order to overturn the Bible.  These and similar historical realities are supported from original source letters and articles.

BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE.  The relevance of the biblical record to the history of science, examples of the non-primitivity of ancient peoples, and cases in which ancient knowledge has been lost, then rediscovered in modern times.

BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE.  A creation ethic based in Isaiah 45:18 for technological and governmental decision-making, science as a work of God through Christians and non-believers, the Christian origins of modern science, the modern rise of scientific fraud and violence justified by "science," and the emergence of a modern scientific "priesthood."

BUOYANCY AND STABILITY OF NOAH'S ARK.  Not a primitive vessel, but an example of remarkably advanced technology in antiquity, and easily capable of preserving all air-breathing life forms from drowning in the Flood.

CHARLES DARWIN AND THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.  Shows from Darwin's life and his most famous book how and why he argued for evolution, but did not prove it scientifically.

A CREATION PRIMER.  The theological and scientific context of the six days of creation.

CRITIQUE OF PROGRESSIVE CREATIONISM - PART 1.  Examination of nine major arguments of progressive creationism for long creation days and an old creation.

CRITIQUE OF PROGRESSIVE CREATIONISM - PART 2.  Addresses eight additional claims of progressive creationism, with a special focus on showing that there was no death or carnivorous behavior before the Fall.

CURRENT ISSUES IN CREATION STUDIES.  Alleged support for evolution from chronology, biology and cosmology remains an open question among a number of non-creationists.

THE DAYS OF CREATION WERE SIX LITERAL DAYS.  The "week" of seven days has no basis in astronomy; it commemorates the six ordinary days of creation and God's seventh ordinary day of rest; more.

THE DEADLY INFLUENCE OF EVOLUTIONARY BELIEFS.  Evolution as a major impetus for the modern abortion holocaust (2 billion abortions globally since World War II), as well as the massive genocides of the 1900s.

DINOSAUR MYTHS.  Realities: dinosaurs coexisted with man man from the beginning; none ate meat in the beginning and most were small, not large; dinosaurs were on the Ark and survived into recent history.

DOES 2 PETER 3:8 MEAN THAT THE UNIVERSE COULD BE VERY OLD?  In context, this verse is about the last days preceding Christ's return, not about chronology.  Claiming that the biblical phrase "one day with the Lord is as a thousand years" signifies a long chronology is a wresting out of context.


EVIDENCE FROM BEYOND THE EARTH FOR A YOUNG EARTH.  Data from scientific literature indicating a young age for the earth and solar system.

FOSSILS FORMED FAST.  Examples of fossilization that had to have been rapid; slow fossilization as a belief rather than an observation demanded by science.

THE FUTURE OF THE SUN: SCIENTIFIC REALITIES VS. EVOLUTIONARY MYTH-MAKING.  The belief that the sun has 5 billion remaining years of stability is a fallacy.  Biblical prophecy links solar instability with the future Tribulation. 

INTELLIGENT DESIGN AND THE BIBLE.  The origin and strengths of intelligent design theory, and a comparison with biblical creation.

IS THE BIG BANG THEORY CREDIBLE?  Why the big bang fails to explain cosmic origins.

IS THERE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO SHOW THAT THE CREATION IS OLD?  Belief in an old universe presented as a philosophical "paradigm shift" rather than a conclusion demanded by science.

LEGENDS OF THE CREATION, FLOOD AND BABEL.  Accounts from history of the creation, the Flood, and the dispersion from Babel.

MORE LEGENDS OF THE CREATION, FLOOD AND BABEL.  Additional historical accounts reflecting the truth of the early chapters of Genesis.

MYTHS AND REALITIES ABOUT THE AGE OF THE EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE.  Christian accommodationists and evolutionists asserting that the Bible and biblical creation have not been disproved, but that our culture has simply decided to abandon these positions.

NOTABLE SCIENTISTS OF THE PAST.  Biographical sketches of famous scientists showing how their biblical faith blended with their scientific discoveries.

NUCLEAR DECAY "CONSTANTS" ARE NOT CONSTANT.  Nuclear decay rates were higher in the past, invalidating radiometric dates based on the uniformitarian assumption.

AN OLD AGE FOR THE EARTH IS THE HEART OF EVOLUTION.  Evolutionary chronologies for the moon, the sun, the planets, the solar system as a whole, the stars, and the universe are all built on the evolutionary age of the earth.  Thus there is only one supposed proof of evolutionary chronology - the age of the earth - and this "proof" ultimately traces to the chronology of Charles Lyell, whose agenda was to overthrow the chronology of Genesis. 

ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF LANGUAGE.  The divine origin and use of language at creation, and how we got our modern languages after the dispersion of all peoples from Babel.

ORIGIN OF THE CONSTELLATIONS AT BABEL.  "Convergent evolution" cannot explain widespread cultural similarities in the constellations.  The constellations may be corrupted ancient cultural memories of the Flood.  As such, they are products of man's fallible imagination, and were never a "gospel in the stars." 

THE PREFLOOD WORLD.  Before the Flood, mankind had a high quality of life - good health, the ability to travel, and access to information - without the same technological infrastructure necessary today.  The antediluvian world was not a primitive world.

PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATION, THE CHURCH, AND THE MISUSE OF SCIENCE - PART 1.  How the philosophies of Wilhelm Wundt, G. Stanley Hall, John Dewey, and Edward Thorndike grew from a rejection of biblical origins, how these philosophies have shaped conventional psychology and public education, and a comparison with biblical creation-based psychology and education.

PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATION, THE CHURCH, AND THE MISUSE OF SCIENCE - PART 2.  The legacy of Wundt, Hall, Dewey, and Thorndike, plus Harold Rugg and Carl Rogers, on the school, the church, and evangelism, and a comparison with biblical patterns.

RADIOMETRIC DATING REALITIES.  Belief in "radiometric-like" dates before even the discovery of radioactivity in 1896; these dates as a carry-over from from Lyell's chronology of the 1830s; modern selective rejection of radiometric results not matching the presumed evolutionary chronology. 

SCIENCE, THE BIBLE, AND OUR CULTURE.  The Bible's central place in the development of modern science and culture.

THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: LIMITS AND FALLACIES.  The limits of the scientific method show that science cannot find truth and so cannot be considered a search for truth.

THE SUN IS NOT AN AVERAGE STAR.  Contrary to common claims, the sun is not a "mediocre" or "garden-variety" star, but is special if not unique, and specially created for supporting life on earth.

THE TASADAY CONTROVERSY AND THE PITFALLS OF EVOLUTIONARY EXPECTATIONS.  The Tasaday tribe was supposed to be an example of ancient stone age life when they were discovered in 1971.  In one of the major scientific debacles of recent decades, subsequent investigation showed otherwise.

THERE ARE NO PRIMITIVE LIFE-FORMS: THE CASE OF THE TRILOBITE.  The trilobite, supposedly one of the most primitive forms of life, had one of the most complex systems of vision of any creature past or present.  The evolutionary concept of "primitivity" is falsified. 

WHAT IS THE AGE OF THE UNIVERSE?  The case for a "young" universe, which even some Christian accommodationists and evolutionists have acknowledged to be more consistent with Genesis than an "old age" view.

YE SHALL BE AS GODS: THE MODERN SEARCH FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE.  The modern search for extraterrestrial intelligence is ultimately a continuation of the ancient quest for spiritual enlightenment but without the God of the Bible.  Genesis chapter 3 describes the initiation of this quest.