CAFFEINE AND THEOBROMINE: CHEMISTRY, HISTORY, FACTS AND FALLACIES.  Caffeine in moderation is beneficial for most people; comparing it with dangerous drugs such as alcohol is a fallacy.

CHRISTIANITY AND THE RISE OF MODERN SCIENCE.  Modern science is a fruit of Christianity and has not developed under any non-Christian system.

DEVELOPMENTS IN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES.  The psychological sciences are moving toward an emphasis on laboratory research and away from the failed methodologies of the past.

DO RUINS OF THE TOWER OF BABEL EXIST?  Tracing the Tower of Babel through history from its beginning in ancient Babylon to its ruins near Baghdad in modern Iraq.

ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE IS NOT HAPPENING.  A biblical view of ecology, in which God preserves the earth (Isaiah 45:18), and man cannot destroy it -- though he can be an unwise steward; lack of temperature data that would show human-caused global warming, lack of ozone depletion due to man-made chemicals, etc.; some possible motives behind claims of imminent environmental collapse.

EXTRASOLAR PLANETS, ET LIFE AND UFOs.  Modern man's dangerous quest for spiritual wisdom in extraterrestrial life; non-existence of known life-supporting planets other than earth; possible identity of UFOs. 

FATE OF THE ETHNIC GROUPS IN THE TABLE OF NATIONS (GENESIS 10).  Modern descendants of the peoples migrating from Babel can be traced.  Implication: the dispersion from Babel is historical as are the Flood and biblical creation.

FLUORIDES IN INDUSTRY AND HEALTH.  The contrast between the benefits of fluorides in industry versus the danger of fluorides to human health.

GALILEO'S RE-DISCOVERIES.  Some of Galileo's famous discoveries were really re-discoveries of lost knowledge.  Implication: man and his knowledge are not continuously evolving upward.

GLOBAL POPULATION PAST AND PRESENT.  There is no modern population explosion, but there was a "population explosion" before the Flood, and again before the dispersion from Babel.  Global population growth of the last 200 years has been an effect of the Industrial Revolution.  The current global population growth rate is rapidly declining, and global population is predicted to peak in a few decades, then drop off precipitously.  A century from now, there may be a genuine under-population crisis,

A HISTORY OF CHEMISTRY.  The growth of modern chemistry from the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution.

A HISTORY OF ELECTRICITY.  From Thales to Franklin, Faraday, Edison, and Tesla.

A HISTORY OF ELECTRONICS.  Contrast between electricity and electronics; developments from Geissler to Edison and Hertz; radio and TV; solid state electronics; computers.

MEDITATION ON PSALM 53: IMPLICATIONS FOR ECOLOGY.  The motive for environmental stewardship should be one of love and respect for the Creator, not an unfounded fear that effectively denies the Creator's ability to preserve His earth as a habitation for life (Isaiah 45:18).

NUCLEAR HAZARDS: MYTHS AND REALITIES.  Nuclear power is safe, and over-blown fears about nuclear disasters have helped to keep the U.S. dependent on Middle East oil.

THE OZONE LAYER IS NOT DISAPPEARING.  The Antarctic "ozone hole" is a natural and annual phenomenon.  The Antarctic "ozone hole" predated the use of manmade CFCs; and chlorine from manmade CFCs never really affected the ozone layer; the profit motive behind the ozone scare.   

THE RISE OF THE NEW SCIENTIFIC PRIESTHOOD.  As the West moves away from biblical faith, science is gradually assuming the role of the priesthoods of old, becoming a tool of the Establishment to suppress dissent rather than a mode of biblically-guided free inquiry.

SOLOMON'S TEMPLE AND SOLOMON'S MINES.  Solomon's Israel was not a poverty-stricken nation of nomads and shepherds.  Solomon's temple was one of the costliest buildings possibly of all time, and he directed one of the most extensive copper mining and smelting operations in history.

SOME THINGS THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT MUSIC.  Biblical praise and music is rooted in affirmation of God in Christ as Creator and Redeemer; other principles: (1) music is not neutral; (2) God demands obedience before He desires praise; (3) it is possible to offer praise that displeases God; (4) "right" praise is primarily spiritual, not physical or sensual.

THERE IS NO MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING.  Carbon dioxide is only a minor greenhouse gas, and satellite measurements show no net increase in the "greenhouse effect."  More carbon dioxide in the air is making make the earth greener because carbon dioxide is a nutrient for plants.  Before the Flood carbon dioxide levels were several times higher than now, and life flourished.  Fears about global warming overlook the fact that the Creator is continuing to preserve His earth to ensure its habitability (Isaiah 45:18). 

THINKING BIBLICALLY ABOUT SCIENCE.  Romans 12:2 instructs Christians to have "transformed" minds that can think God's thoughts after Him.  Examples of conventional thinking versus biblical thinking. 

THE UNIQUENESS OF WATER.  Liquid water is the only solvent that can support life, and earth is the only planet that has it.  Implications for the existence of extraterrestrial life.

THE USE OF "STORY" TO DISPLACE TRUTH.  The acceptance of instructive "stories" rather than consideration of historical data can lead down the path of falsehood not only in origins studies but in other disciplines as well. 

WHAT IS TO BE DONE?: THE CHRISTIAN PROFESSOR IN THE ACADEMY.  Christian education is more than putting a few biblical allusions into a lecture and having a prayer at the beginning of class.  An educator can be a Christian and fail to participate in "Christian education."  What "Christian college education" really means.